About Table Talk

Table Talk tables are in cafes across Brighton & Hove and also on buses, we are fully committed to our mission of making Brighton and Hove even friendlier. We need a connected city more than ever.

We know that there are many people in Brighton who, like us, love community and want to work towards building a friendlier, kinder city. In this fast-paced world, it is good to take a little time out to connect with people.  In fact, if we get scientific about this: Research shows that people enjoy the experience of social interaction more than they expected, they smile more and the pleasure of connecting seems contagious.  (Journal of Experimental Psychology Oct 2014).  Other research indicates that interaction with people you don’t know can be very satisfying and contribute to well being.  (Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin Ap 2014).  So Table Talk offers a legitimate way to engage with others and to improve your own sense of wellbeing and mental health.

Inspiration for Table Talk came from our own experiences connected with the power of community and accounts of people going for days without speaking to anyone. A recent report concluded that many people – especially 16-24 year olds – feel lonely at some time. The government is intending to do something about this, but we have already started in Brighton and Hove.

Table Talk is a small thing you can do to slow down, spend time with people, and create a warmer community. It will only work if you join us … and over fifty cafes have so far, along with Brighton Buses. We have had interest in setting up movements across the UK and from other countries!

Take a look at our Annual Report which showcases the success that this movement has had and what our goals are for 2020! We are largely run by volunteers and have little funding so if you can spare any time, expertise or could help fund us please do let us know!

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from Brighton and Hove cafes who all want to support our mission:

“As a community cafe, Bright Now Cafe was really keen to embrace Table Talk. We have many people comment on what a great idea it is, and we’ve even added our own conversation starters to encourage people to start chatting! We think it’s a lovely initiative and a pleasure to have as part of our cafe.”

Katie, Marketing Manager, Bright Now Cafe

“When life is stressful, it’s important to talk.”

Harry B, Trading Post