Welcome to Table Talk

Table Talk is back

Welcome back, you have been missed and we hope you are doing ok. We have been busy getting new cafes on board and getting in touch with existing cafes.

Our aim is to to get Brighton & Hove talking and connecting which is even more important than ever as we come out of lockdown and all the restrictions. Connection is essential for our wellbeing and plays an important part of our mental health. Even the most introverted of us should seek out someone to talk to at some point in the day. Here’s why:

+Social support. Talking gives us social support especially when we have been through a tough time, illness or isolation.

+Deeper understanding of topics and issues. It helps us learn and see a wider perspective.

+Improved cognitive function, it improves our memory too.

+Helps build resilience. So that we can cope when things don’t go to plan.

+Brings joy and happiness to our lives. It’s important, it’s why we are here.

The participating Cafes are listed here and will have the Table Talk sign on one of their tables, please do join a table and get connecting!

Enjoy connecting and lets us know how you got on.

Warmest regards,

Lorraine Hart (project leader) and all the Table Talk team

“Let’s make Brighton & Hove a talking City”

Take time to talk

We would love to hear your stories about connection. Please email us if you would like to share a story or become a volunteer for Table Talk.

Interested in setting up your own Table Talk movement where you live?

We have some helpful hints to get your started. Please drop us a line and we will email you some further information.

Our campaign is supported by the Leader of Brighton & Hove Council

Below is a map showing the great cafes who are offering a Table Talk table: