Welcome to Table Talk

Unfortunately we have had to pause encouraging people to sit at Table Talk tables because of the current situation with Covid-19. However, we think our mission to make Brighton & Hove even friendlier and encourage safe connection is even more important during these difficult times. We believe that connection comes in many different forms and doesn’t always have to be in close proximity. Here are some ideas:

  • We are pleased to see the virtual community groups offering practical support and solidarity are springing up across the UK. Why not set one up or join one yourself? Or your could drop a card through your neighbours door introducing yourself and offering help? Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it, even if you don’t know anyone at first… it is often the first step to building relationships and can make others feel more confident in reaching out. We love what Brene Brown has to say about vulnerability.
  • An online revolution has started with people beginning to offer online, live classes in everything from singing to pilates to music lessons. If you are not usually this way inclined why not step outside of your comfort zone, figure out the tech (which is usually very straightforward) and join in?
  • Or you could write a blog about your experiences and invite people to read and connect with you online?
  • You could become part of one of the many Penpal schemes which run… just Google it and there are a whole range of options to connect you to new people. You could always start writing letters to your nearest and dearest… there is nothing like receiving a letter in the post or via email if that isn’t possible.
  • Why not take some time to call people just for a chat…. rekindle this art of connection either by Facetime, Skype or Zoom (for multi person chats). You can’t necessarily pick up on how people are feeling via text, sometimes it is good to call and hear for yourself.
  • It is fantastic to see the range of resources which organisations are offering to enhance a sense of connection to the inner and outer world from free Audible books for kids, to a wide range of free Open University courses to virtual tours of museums. Take some time to explore.
  • Self care and neighbourliness is so important during this very difficult time… why not take a look at Action for Happiness Coping Calendar which has some fantastic ideas.
  • Finally, we are thinking of all those brilliant cafes, the hubs of community, who have supported our mission… if there are things you can do to show your support for them, then we would really love it if you could! Maybe this is supporting their new takeaway service, signing up to their mailing list and letting them know how much you appreciate them by writing a review or posting on their social media pages.

Keep safe and thanks for all your support… please let us know if you need any help with any of our ideas… we are happy to send your more information or call you.

Take time to talk

We would love to hear your stories about connection. Please email us if you would like to share a story or become a volunteer for Table Talk.

Interested in setting up your own Table Talk movement where you live?

We have some helpful hints to get your started. Please drop us a line and we will email you some further information.

Our campaign is supported by the Leader of Brighton & Hove Council

Below is a map showing the great cafes who are offering a Table Talk table: